The Businessology Show

The Business Skills Every Creative Needs to Thrive with Ilise Benun

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Businessology Show, Jason dives into the symbiotic relationship between creativity and business savvy. Today's episode features Ilise Benun, a seasoned expert who has spent 35 years guiding solopreneurs and creative business owners on their journey to financial prosperity by merging artistic intuition with business acumen. Ilise dispels the myth that business and creativity are isolated realms, encouraging creative minds to manifest their talents in strategic networking, compelling content marketing, and targeted outreach. Jason and Ilise's conversation peels back the layers on client dynamics, revealing how to spot red flags, establish authority, and maintain professional boundaries. Together, they explore why face-to-face meetings and real-time communication are critical in complex client discussions, and how the post-pandemic landscape demands patience in marketing while offering freedom for growth. Jason and Ilise delve into the art of nurturing leads through various platforms—from websites and podcasts to newsletters and ebooks—stressing the power of consistency. You'll hear practical tips on content creation and targeted outreach, such as dedicating 30 daily minutes to marketing and harnessing LinkedIn to forge genuine connections. Finally, Jason and Ilise tap into the often-elusive subject of money. They discuss not only how to approach the topic with potential clients but also how to position oneself to attract those with higher budgets who value your expertise. Today's episode is great for creatives eager to enhance their business strategy, deepen client relationships, and turn their creative prowess into profit. Join Jason and Ilise for these insights and more.